LEDUC company


As a well established company within the industry, we have an
in-depth understanding of Exploration and mine development.


LEDUC is principally a core drilling company. We specialize in complicated situations – we solve problems. Given the technical knowhow, patience and perseverance, there is no target that cannot be reached. Our drillers and supervisors have had vast experience operating under just about every imaginable condition.

In the beginning, French Canadians were contracted to perform complex drilling operations and for training Bolivians. Eventually, through the years that followed, foreigners were no longer necessary; today the company is 100% Bolivian.

Our team is renowned for tackling high altitude adverse conditions, they are hard working and disciplined while at the same time meeting international standards of professionalism in all areas of operations.

Through the years, and through Leduc operations in Chile and Argentina, our drillers gained more valuable experience while working in major mines for companies such as Newmont, CODELCO, SQM, and Pan American Silver.
They are still with us today, supervising and training a younger generation.

Since success is founded on those who make it happen, we invest in people.
Those who are innovative, conscientious, who welcome problems as a challenge, who make the sacrifice; are given the opportunity to reach new goals in their career. Training in the latest technology, new drilling technics and the application of the most modern drilling additives, are part of an ongoing campaign to capacitate our team for the longterm.

As with any elite team, discipline, dedication and perseverance, are qualities that set us apart and the fundamental reason for our success.
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